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WMA Products -- see also Microwave Products with WMABUS (tm)
Asynchronous serial to parallel assembly

WMABUS development kit

Development kit is available with full-function test software for PC

RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 com port controller for 14 parallel outputs and 3 parallel inputs, with address-driven protocol and other advanced features.

AM transmitter (FCC Part 15)

Outdoor pole-mounted AM transmitter

Self-contained, pole-mount 100 milliwatt AM transmitter with synthesized frequency selection and very low distortion audio and 30 dB of automatic gain control.

Solenoid  and Valve drivers

Quad solenoid driver with reduced holdin

Efficient,   High Performance  Drivers accept logic-level inputs and drive solenoid- operated devices with coil ratings of 3 to 30 VDC.

Flickerllamp module

AC flickerlamp modules (without and with case)

Installs in any standard 120 VAC incandescent light fixture to to create a realistic simulation of a live flame.

pole-mounted lamp with flickerlamp module

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