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Control of a Complete Microwave System From One Serial Port
Control and Monitor Up to 26 Devices With One Differential Pair
Standard Microwave Product Families Available
Full Hardware and Software Support
Test Software for PC supplied with Products
Off-the-Shelf Adapters for USB, and ethernet
SP6T RF switch driver with parallel and RS-485
SP6T RF switch driver with parallel and RS-485

The WMABUS (tm) represents a family of compact interface assemblies that are supplied to licensed manufacturers of microwave components. Each member of the family of WMABUS (tm) products is designed to follow a common protocol, assuring compatibity, regardless of its manufacturer or its function. In addition to the interface assemblies, complete protocol documentation is provided, along with fully anotated PC software that permits the end user to operate the microwave component by simply cabling it to a PC. Support for all component types is provided by Wayne Miller Associates, ensuring the systems engineer of reliable communications with all parts of the system.

RF transfer switch with parallel and RS-485
Component Types

The range of product types covered by the family of WMABUS products is fairly extensive and growing. Currently, the following product types are covered:

-Attenuators, Phase Shifters, and Switches that are traditionally controlled by parallel logic. Provision is also made for digital readback (byte) in these components.

-Attenuators and Phase Shifters that are traditionally controlled by an analog voltage. Provision is made in these products for linearization of product response as part of the WMABUS (tm) assembly.

-Electro-mechanical switches that traditionally require extensive external circuits for drive and monitoring are fully controlled, driven, and monitored by one of several WMABUS (tm) assemblies. The two-throw models have all of the features to operate a transfer switch as a complete 1:1 redundancy system with remote reporting.

-Motor-driven components such as mechanically tuned filters, phase shifters, and attenuators can be controlled and monitored through the WMABUS (tm) without the need for extra controllers or motor drivers.

-Tuneable frequency sources that are traditionally tuned by parallel logic lines or manufacturer's SPI bus can be controlled and monitored with a WMABUS (tm) interface through simple frequency or channel entry.

RS-85 drivers for motor and for RF switch

Because the variety of microwave products covered by the WMABUS is extremely broad, no single manufacturer is able to supply all types. Wayne Miller Associates has licensing agreements with a number of manufacturers who can provide quality components with certified WMABUS (tm) assemblies.

Systems Engineers who are interested in components with certified WMABUS (tm) compatibility, documentation, software, and support should contact Wayne Miller Associates with their requirements.

Manufacturers of microwave components who are interested in supplying WMABUS (tm) compatible equipment should contact Wayne Miller Associates for information on integrating WMABUS (tm) assemblies into their products and obtaining the necessary licensing.

RS-485 interface to logic I/O
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