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Wayne Miller began as a private consultant with two clients in 1980. As the client base increased, the need grew for additional resources, and arrangements were made with other consultants and companies to increase work capacity and to broaden the range of available services. The business was registered in Sussex county, NJ as Wayne Miller Associates, and offered a manufacturing service to support clients who did not have sufficient in house capability or capacity. A testing service was also offered to compliment the manufacturing, using fixtures and software developed in house.

Most recently, the company has been incorporated as Wayne Miller Associates, LLC, and has developed several designs that it manufactures and sells as independent product lines.


Wayne Miller Associates (WMA)maintains its office and shop in Stanhope, NJ. The shop is equipped to make machined parts and PC boards fabrication of prototypes. An in house electronic test laboratory, coupled with the capabilities of the shop, permits an extremely short turn around time from product concept to working hardware.

In addition to the facility in Stanhope, companies associated with WMA provide facilities for large volume production and extended test capability.


Wayne Miller Associates is founded on two basic principles that we follow without compromise:

Pursuing the interests of each client. To avoid possible conflicts, we make a concerted effort to support clients of varying business interests. In rare instances where projects overlap, we inform our clients of the potential conflict and limit our activities accordingly.

Meeting the needs of each client. We make a concerted effort to fit our work efforts to the needs and capabilities of the particular client. This involves approaching problems in unique ways, with the emphasis on suitability, timeliness, functionality, and cost, rather than on the use of any set approach or technology.

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