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Project Management

-Satellite communications systems

-Biomedical research equipment

-Microwave subassemblies

-Industrial test equipment

-Automated test systems

Marching Metronome

Technical Writing

-Technical Proposals

-Progress Reports

-Test Procedures

-Technical manuals

-Training manuals

-Magazine articles

-Patent Disclosures

System Design

-Biomedical research equipment

-Multi-band satellite communications freqency converters

-Redundancy switching systems

-Automated test systems

handheld pulse generator

Circuit & Software Design

-Analog circuits

-Digital circuits

-Programmable logic firmware

-Microprocessor software

-Microwave and RF circuits

-Multi-functional circuits

Mechanical & Packaging Design

-Printed circuit layouts

-Packaging of RF and microwave circuits

-Packaging of outdoor equipment

-Packaging of rack-mounted equipment

-Strong emphasis on thermal considerations

patented pinch valve

Manufacturing & Test

-Full production support for WMA designs

-Quick turn on prototypes

-Automated assembly for large orders

-Custom automated testing

test fixture for automatic module testing

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