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Why do companies employ the services of Wayne Miller Associates?

When the work requirements are beyond the capacity or the capabilities of its staff, most companies look towards hiring additional employees, however. if the additional requirement is temporary or intermittent, our clients have found that the services of Wayne Miller Associates are a more effective choice. We are almost always called for one or more of the following reasons:

  • To temporarily augment the capacity of an existing technical staff.

  • To provide an area of expertise that is missing in the existing technical staff.

  • To explore new possibilities without impacting ongoing work.

What are the drawbacks in hiring consultants?

In considering hiring a consultant, we have found a certain reticence among our prospective clients. This is based on a number of concerns that they have expressed:

  • Given the effort required to bring a consultant on board, it is questionable as to whether the company will derive a net benefit from the work done on a short term contract.

  • Someone brought in on a limited basis may not have the pride of ownership expected from a full time employee.

  • When the consultant is finished with his job and leaves, there will be no one to support his work.

  • An independent consultant may take proprietary information and share it with his other clients.

What does Wayne Miller Associates do to overcome these drawbacks?

Wayne Miller Associates has to gone to great lengths to overcome the drawbacks inherent in this type of work relationship. This has involved developing specific strengths, policies, and procedures that are absolutely essential to be an effective positive asset for our clients.

  • We have a wide knowledge base, enabling us to adapt to new projects and environments quickly.

  • We adapt our working procedures and technologies to the specific company culture of the client.

  • We put an emphasis on our communication skills, so that we can integrate the results of our efforts into the knowledge base of the client, through our written documentation and personal instruction.

  • We make it an absolute requirement not to work on related products for competing clients. We try to have enough diversity in our client base so that this is not an issue, however on several occasions, we have had to refuse involvement in a particular project when this requirement was threatened.

  • We foster long term relationships with clients, so that the learning curve for each project is drastically reduced. We have been able to function as effectively as full time employees with many of our regular, long term clients.

We have proven ability to work well with existing staffs in a wide range of companies and work environments, and it is always our goal to integrate our efforts into the existing company structure. The survival of our company for over 25 years is a testament to the continued support that we provide.

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