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Manufacturers of frequency block converters for satellite and point-to-point communications use WMABUS products to provide reliable M&C functions.  Some use RS-485 or RS-422 communications directly, and some pass data through an ethernet server.   There are Windows-based GUI applictions for all WMABUS products, but those most used are provided here as downloadable executables. Determine the WMABUS model number of your converter controller and download the COM (RS-485 or RS-422) or the ethernet version of the model for your application.
Single and Multiband Converters with Simultaneous Operation of All Bands.

WMA-134 COM version download

WMA-134 ethernet version download

Single and Switched Multiband Converters.

WMA-132 COM version download

WMA-132 ethernet version download

WMA-133 COM version download

WMA-133 ethernet version download

WMA-137 COM version download

WMA-137 ethernet version download

Manufacturers of digitally-controlled equipment use WMA-039 to control switches, attenuators, and phase shifters.  The standard WMA-039 provides 14 digital outputs and 3 digital inputs.  Custom versions provide a different mix, or include analog inputs and outputs. 

Email wlm@waynemillerassociates.com for the general GUI application for the WMA-039.
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